I want you to think back to when you first started masturbating. What was your first sex toy? I’ll give you a hint: Your hands.

I got the opportunity to try Funkit Toys Signet Rings, and I want to tell you all about them. The Signet Rings are textured rings made of body-safe silicone. These rings can add texture to your finger or a vibe or anything you can fit it around to enhance pleasure. They can pretty much be used anywhere imagined on the body and even be worn as jewelry, as their pretty darn cute!


If you don’t know who Funkit Toys are, they are a sex positive company owned and run by one man show, and self-proclaimed Fucksmith Kenton Johnston. He makes sex toys using platinum silicone and cool designs with the option for customization. He also makes wooden paddles and silicone paddles which also doubles as a masturbation device.

Let’s talk about the construction of the toy. The silicone on the rings are very stretchy and have allot of give to them. So there nice and flexible for pretty much anything. Because their completely made of silicone all around, they can sanitized in any way possible. Using mild soap, boiling it, or using a sex toy cleaner. Making these rings the definition of body-safe. Even though the rings are stretchy, and this should go without saying, these rings are NOT cock rings. They are not designed to be cock rings. So no. You cannot put them around your dick.

img_2018   img_2033

The two designs that I received were the Groove and the Nib. Let’s talk about the Nib First. The Nib has “stimulating bumps for direct points of pressure”. This is the ring I like to rub my clit with in a circular motion. The nibs are really good for deep clitoral stimulation. I like using this one on my Nu Sensuelle Point Bullet vibe, which gives me great stimulation and the ring adds lovely texture that you can feel as the bullet vibrates. The Nibs also feel great on my nipples as well.

img_2035   img_2036

The Groove has “soft horizontal ridges and valleys for rubbing”. I like to think of them as gentle, consecutive speed bumps on my clit. I like to use it in a back and forth motion on my clit. Like when you use the scroll wheel on a mouse? Just like that. Add some lube, use your natural lubrication, or use a water or oil-based stimulating gel (my favorite choice) and your good to go. I used the Sliquid Organics O Gel for some added stimulation and lubrication. Worked very well with the ring and clean up was a breeze.

I think I was pretty vanilla in how I used the Signet Rings, but here are some other ways it could be used as well. Besides putting them on a vibe for some extra texture, you can: Depending on the size, you can fit these rings around a non-silicone dildo. You can slip them on with or without some water-based lube. I think these would also be great for anal play as well. Specifically rimming. These would be great for putting on your fingers to give an erotic massage. Just put a couple of these, facing the inside of your hands with some massage oils and I can see some beautiful things happening. Something I thought about was putting one ring around two fingers and maybe throwing a condom on it (in case you’re worried about the ring slipping, and using it for g-spot stimulation.

So now, you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on one of these rings. As I mentioned before, Funkit Toys is a one man show. Kenton creates his own designs and makes his own molds and everything for his products. With the Signet rings however, the molds he makes are not detailed enough for the rings to be perfect. That’s where you come in.

I am a firm believer in the idea of “supply and demand”. If you as the consumer wants something like body safe sex toys made for finger play, then you should demand it. By visiting Funkit Toys Indiegogo page and purchasing a perk, you get to demand that more great body-safe sex toy options be put out on the market for purchase.


You can visit Funkit Toys Indiegogo page here.

I also encourage you visit the Funkit toys website here as well to check out their great selection of sex toys.

*I did receive this product for free courtesy of Funkit Toys in exchange for my honest review. All opinions on this product are my own.