The one thing I hate doing is telling people about myself. When someone asks me that question, I think to myself “Who the fuck am I?” So when I thought about what I was going to write for my “About me” page, I started to think about what led me to create a website where I talk about sex, sex toys, and whatever sparks my interest sexually or not so sexually.

I guess I was always fascinated with sex from a very young age. The concept of pleasure intrigued me. But what intrigued me more was how people obtained pleasure. I didn’t grow up in the most sex-positive household. The “sex talk” was all but a brief 5 second conversation with my Dad. And while I could ask my family members all the questions I wanted, as I was encouraged to be a curious kid, I never asked about any further details about sex and I don’t know why. Maybe because I imagined it being a painful, awkward conversation. Which I didn’t need.

When I started masturbating, I didn’t know what I was doing or what it was called. All I knew, was that it felt good. So I kept doing it. Self-pleasure became a thing that I thoroughly enjoyed and was fascinated and almost obsessed with. Giving myself orgasms became a challenge and I enjoyed getting to know my body as a teenager and what it liked and didn’t like. And I always looked forward to it.

So when it to high school, a time where people typically lose their virginity, I wasn’t interested. My freshman year, I saw two students become pregnant and I instantly knew that sex with another human was not something I was interested in. I didn’t feel mentally mature enough to accept the consequences that could come out of having sex. And while I had one guy in mind, I felt a bit rushed and was going through allot of anxiety and depression my freshman year. So sex with others was not on my mind by a long shot. And I just didn’t feel it was the right time.

So when I turned 18, I bought my first sex toy. A Blue Dolphin Vibrator from It took two AA batteries and I enjoyed the vibrations it gave along with the feeling of fullness it provided. I didn’t know anything about sex toy materials at the time and quite frankly didn’t take that into consideration when I picked out the toy. All I wanted was something blue that can vibrate. Check and Check.

The more my toy collection grew, the more I became more educated sex toy materials, the sex toy industry ,and how they are not regulated and can make products out of pretty much anything. I was shocked, stunned, and horrified. Horrified because I thought that some type of government interference was making sure that my sex toys weren’t being made out bad stuff. I thought to myself ‘They can’t just put anything in these products. Can they?’ I immediately got my answer with the more videos, blog posts, and write-ups I read.

Some companies even intimidated sex toy retailers into taking product they knew was bad for mass consumption after retailer asked why those toys had chemical odors, and melted and fused together when they touched. In one video I watched on YouTube some years ago, a sex toy retailer recounted being told by a sex toy manufacturer that the reason they don’t make sex toys with better materials was because “Customers will buy anything” and that those customers are “Uneducated” about what their buying. And it made me wonder: If consumers became more educated about what they were buying, would the market change?

I knew the answer was yes, as I was always interested in market research and how consumers made decisions on the things they buy. I was already writing product reviews and doing mystery shopping jobs. Along with the additional information I found on sex toys, I also came across sex blogs, and sex toy reviews. It was whole different world I had discovered and I was in awe. I couldn’t believe people reviewed sex toys, talked about sex, and people read it!

I immediately wanted to join this community of people and have a space of my own on the internet, where I could talk about things that interested me sexually. My only issue was that I didn’t feel like I had anything real to contribute, I didn’t want people who knew me to find out about it, and I didn’t know where to start.

I wanted to get a start somewhere, so I decided to start writing sex toy reviews on amazon. I figured since their always encouraging customers to give their opinion on the products they purchase, I figured ‘Why not’. I only reviewed products that I owned. I even got some sellers on amazon to give me discount codes in exchange for an honest review. I was already familiar with writing reviews and blogging, as I had over 5 years of experience doing it on my Lifestyle blog at the time. And sellers loved the idea of having someone review their products for them. They even recommended me to other sellers who till this very day, still email me. I always turn them down or just don’t respond.

Everything was great until, I signed up with an amazon discount website that allowed prime members to receive discounts on products in exchange for an honest review. I decided to request a sex toy through the program and immediately got approved and was given a discount code. When the toy in question arrived however, something was off. I was immediately horrified to find that there were scratches all over the handle of the toy as though it had been “Handled” previously. I wrote my review, stating that I believed the toy was compromised in some manner and advised against anyone buying it.

I submitted my review and awaited my approval email, letting me know that my review was published. I never got that email. What I got instead was my first denial email from amazon. It stated that my review could not be published because I used profanity in my review, which was false. I have never used profanity in any of my reviews and always described my genitalia, using words like clit, vagina, vulva, and orgasm in many of my reviews which had never been flagged. So why this one? It occurred to me that amazon didn’t want customers to know what I had discovered. I knew right then and there that my sex toy reviewing days on amazon were officially over.

Where did the name Tiffy Kink come from?

Tiffy Kink is my pseudonym as it relates to my blog and anything dealing with it. It’s nothing really special. Just my first name (which is Tiffany) shortened and the word “Kink” since I always felt that I deviated from sexual norms. From a young age I knew I was kinky. And fun fact: Tiffy is kind of my nickname.

Where did Aquakink come from?

Aquakink came about when I was thinking of what to call my blog. My sex blog. I settled on Aquakink because I loved the color aqua, turquoise or any mixture of blue and green and kinky standing for my deviation from sexual norms all things kinky.

Why the Mermaid?

The mermaid was actually something I went with last minute because I didn’t know how to make a banner and I needed something that would fit my aqua color theme. A mermaid fit perfectly. And she’s been with me since. She is me. I am her. We are Tiffy Kink.

As my journey continues, I will add more to it. But for now, this is who I am.

*Please feel free to use the contact me page if you have any questions.