I want to talk to you about a dildo that I’m going to have a hard time being unbiased about because I love it so much. The Vixen Creations Mustang Dildo. If you don’t know who Vixen Creations are, they are a company that makes hand-crafted, body-safe sex toys, and have been doing so since 1992. They are most known for their dildos. But most notably their Vixskin dildos which is made to emulate the feel of real skin.

The Vixen Creations Mustang is made of platinum silicone and silicone lubricant. A formula exclusive to Vixen Creations that gives this dildo its flexibility and realistic feel. It is 7.5inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth. It has a nice flared base, making it both harness compatible and anal safe. And because it’s made with pure silicone, cleaning is a breeze. It can be cleaned with simple soap and water, and boiled in hot water.

While it is made with silicone lubricant, it is not recommended that you use silicone lubricant with the Mustang as it can break down the silicone on the dildo, which would probably make you very sad, because this dildo is very nice. You me able to get away with a hybrid lubricant which is a water-based lubricant mixed with a silicone-based lubricant, but I suggest you do a test by rubbing some of the lube on the base of the toy, or contacting Vixen Creations to ask them about lube compatibility. But to be safe, anything completely water-based should be fine.

I’m going to give you guys a story behind the delivery of my Mustang Dildo: So the day comes when my beloved Vixen Creations Mustang Dildo is supposed to arrive at home. I was tracking it all week, so I would know when it was coming. On my way home from school, I get a notification what has already been delivered. Filled with relief and a case of sinusitis, I went home. Only to find a bunch of packages left near where my regular mail is normally kept. I was confused. Surely my sex toy wasn’t in that mess. But it was. Looking through the packages to make sure none of them belonged to me, I found two packages with my name on it. I was pissed. This was the first time ever that UPS has ever done this. I assume it’s not the regular guy, because he always has me sign for my packages. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Anyways, onto the rest of my review. The Mustang came in a clear, cylinder package that was see through and well built. It had two black caps on both sides of the container. While the packaging was nice, it was very hard to open. I literally had to pry one side of the package open with a knife. It took a couple tries with it to get it open. But once I did, I was not disappointed.

Dare I say this dildo feels like a real dick? Yes. I can say that. This has to be the realest feeling dildo I have ever come into contact with. It’s very squishy, yet firm. Squeezing the shaft of the toy, you can feel in harder inner core that makes this dildo feel like a human erection. In fact, if I was blindfolded and told to feel this toy, I would probably think I was touching a real dick. You can feel the inner core where the shaft of the toy begins, leaving the head nice and squishy.

The “skin” of the toy feels very reminiscent of real human skin. But what I found to really odd, yet really interesting was that the silicone was sticky to the touch, but that stickiness didn’t transfer onto my hands after I touched it. It has realistic looking frenulum, the veins along the shaft are realistic, and quite frankly, very sexy. What turns me on even more, was the fun I have jerking it off while washing it. It felt like I was jerking someone off. I could jerk this thing off forever. While playing around with it, I totally forget about the suction cup base, which great for sticking up against walls or floors, if you’re into that.

The flesh-tone colors are decent looking, nothing dramatic which is always a good thing. But that beautiful Tie Bright color is absolutely gorgeous. And if you’re looking for a dildo to help improve your dick sucking skills, this one’s a winner. Tested and approved.

The first time I used this toy, I was surprised at how my body got adjusted it so fast. It just felt so natural. It has a slight curve, which doesn’t push up against my g-spot, but caresses it instead. That’s because of how squishy the silicone is and how much give it has, the head is less pronounced and is tapered, giving a nice, steady transition to take in the rest of the toy when inserting it. This toy just feels right.

I’m not one for very big, girthy toys. So the Mustang is perfect for me. While it’s not girthy, it provides a nice feeling of fullness. It feels good with slow or fast thrusts and feels amazing when I use it with a vibrator on my clit. The orgasms are beautiful.

I can say without a doubt that this has to be the most realistic feeling dildo I have ever experienced and has now become a favorite of mine. Am I saying that this can replace an actual human being? Of course not. Sex toys are not designed to replace people, but to enhance sexual pleasure, which this one definitely does.

I would recommend this toy to anyone looking for a dual-density dildo that’s nice and squishy, gives fullness, is decently realistic to the human anatomy, doesn’t care for a pronounced head or coronal ridge, isn’t exactly looking for a dildo for g-spotting, and something that feels great when thrusting. I would say this dildo is pretty luxurious at over $100, but it’s of great quality and well worth the money.

You can purchase the Vixen Creations Mustang VixSkin Dildo from the following online retailers

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*I did receive this product for free courtesy of Vixen Creations in exchange for my honest review. All opinions on this product are my own.