So I kinda have a new found sweet spot for Rabbit vibrators and will jump at the opportunity to review them. Specifically body safe (mostly and most likely silicone), and ones that are rechargeable. So when I got the opportunity to review the Wow! Yes Drill I was excited. Not only is this a rabbit style vibrator, but it has some really nice added girth to it.


Some information on the toy is that it is made with body safe silicone, is 100% waterproof, and is rechargeable via usb. So it can be charged anywhere you would charge a cell phone. Another detail about the charging cord (the part that is plugs into the toy to charge) is very similar to a headphone jack, but longer and skinner. This is what makes toy completely waterproof and quite easy to clean.

It also comes with a purple suede storage pouch, which feels really nice. I always love when a toy comes with a storage bag. Speaking of packaging, I love how minimal it is. It comes with just enough fluff where there should be. Inside the box has the toy of course, the charging cable, the instruction manual, warranty registration paper (which is in Chinese), and the storage pouch. Nice and Simple.

The silicone is very soft and smooth. It doesn’t have much texture except for two raised grooves that’s along both sides of the toy. Personally, I didn’t feel the difference while using it and does add a nice visual aesthetic to the toy. Which is a ridiculously loud shade of what I would describe as an almost neon pink.

Before I get into my experience with using the toy, I want to talk about the material a bit more. I love how the silicone feels on this toy. But when I squeeze toy, it feels like a dual density dildo. Not by any means like a real penis, but it does feel really nice. The outside is really soft, squishy but firm, and in the inside is firm, but not completely hard. Me likey a lot.

Let’s talk about the toy in use. I like toys with a medium amount of girth. This fits that profile. Just enough to give a stretched, filling feeling. I did use a water based gel lubricant (a thicker version of water based lubricant) with the toy, just for some added slipperiness. Because this two has a 360 degree spin feature, I suggest inserting the toy before turning it on. It makes it easier to get it in the hole (lol) and it adds a pleasant surprise when you turn it on.

The part of the toy intended for vaginal penetration does spin clockwise and counter clockwise, which creates a very nice sensation when inside the vagina. It didn’t really hit my g-spot, just circled around it my vagina, which at times made it difficult to keep the toy inside of me. It still felt good, but that wasn’t my problem.

The problem was the rabbit ear. It’s really flexible and does it hit come into contact with my clit every time I thrust the toy. However, the vibrations oddly enough don’t touch my clit like I thought it would or how it should? I don’t know. It’s like the rabbit ear vibrates, but I can’t feel it on my clit. And no, my clit of steel can register even the slightest vibrations. But I could only feel the slightest of vibrations. This just annoyed me to be honest. So I paired it a really powerful bullet and had a pretty good orgasm. I really enjoyed the girth and the 360 rotation. I usually prefer fast thrusting, but found myself slow thrusting this toy and enjoying it. The sounds that the toy makes while being turned on can be a bit loud, but nothing that can escape four walls and closed door. Tested and approved.


I had really high hopes for the rabbit ear, and it let me down. The part intended for vaginal penetration felt great and now that I think about it, looked like a big tongue. If you’re not completely into toys with powerful clitoral stimulation and like a rabbit with 360 degree rotation with some added girth, then this toy might be you.


*I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.