I didn’t really think it would be all that. But that’s what I get for talking so much trash about it before actually trying it out. I thought “Oh, it’s not really going to do much”, and “I already have something powerful”. And as a Sex Toy lover with a clit of steel, you can never have enough powerful sex toys to get you off right?

Now what am I taking about? The Svakom Lorna. You see, I have a bunch of Svakom products and want to talk to you about them because I like their quality. While I will admit they can be a little pretentious in their advertising and approach, I can’t deny that they actually make decent products that not only have allot of quality, but have very thoughtful touches to them and they come very well packaged. Like they care about their products and they package them as such. Their warranty is pretty good to. A limited 1 year warranty, and then a 10 year warranty that if your toy is defective, they will give you 50 percent off towards a new toy. Pretty cool.


Some information about this toy is that it is 100 percent waterproof, Usb rechargeable, and is made with body safe silicone, which feels amazing and like most silicone toys, attracts dog hair and lint like crazy. And yes, there is a seam, but you don’t feel it, and if you’re not like me and live for details, it’s not really going to be a big deal. It also comes with a lovely storage bag, which feels nice, and not cheaply made.

As for waterproofing, the toy has a magnetic cap that covers where you would put the charger. While I think it’s a great idea and will entertain any idea to make a toy waterproof, I don’t really think this helps with waterproofing at water can still seep underneath the magnetic covering. So I wouldn’t call this 100 percent waterproof, I haven’t found any issue to completely call this particular idea and style of waterproofing ineffective. It also is not listed what the magnetic covering is made of and since there is not much talk about this company on the internet, I don’t know. I don’t believe it could possibly be plastic, as it’s magnetic duh!

Now, this is the part of the review where I tell you that you gotta get it because it’s amazing. Not so much, because it’s not amazing. It’s a vibrator. A rabbit vibrator. The part designed for vaginal penetration is shaped in a way that is gradual, girthy, and caresses the g-spot very nicely. This would best suit a beginner and probably would not by any means impress a size queen.

The single rabbit ear is very flexible and bendy, which is great for those who constantly complain about rabbit vibrators that are not anatomically correct, or personalized to their own personal bodies. This one is because the rabbit ear is so flexible. So while thrusting, it will hit the clit every time. With that being said however, it will not stay in contact with the clit when thrusting, but it will come in contact with it during thrusting, if you know what I mean.

But, the real way this toy has gotten into my heart, is by how powerful it is. I don’t need anything else to vibrate but that rabbit ear alone. I like how the vibrations are concentrated in the rabbit ear for clitoral stimulation. It’s powerful, and it more than gets the job done along with the part designed for vaginal stimulation. It feels really good. I actually was watching a video on YouTube where a woman talked about how when she masturbates, having something for the vagina muscles to clench around (be it a penis or a sex toy), that the orgasm was more intense. Of course, I saw that video after the fact, when I had finally figured it out for myself some time way back and I think it’s something all women should experience.



I will say that this works way better with lubricant, which I usually don’t need, but for some reason this toy, just needs it because it has quite a drag to it. Which I am finding with all Svakom toys I have tried. Of course use water based lubricant. Or you can be like me and use a hybrid lubricant (water based, mixed with a little bit of silicone lubricant), and don’t worry, it won’t hurt the toy. Tested and approved. But when in doubt, do a patch test on the toy and not on yourself because that might be a little counterproductive.

As for the “S” mode. I usually don’t talk about it when reviewing Svakom toys, because I simply don’t use it. I’m sure it’s a great feature to have, but it doesn’t work for someone who needs a lot of consistency in their lives. And I know you know what I mean ladies. But enough about my needs, and more about yours. This has become a part of the rotation and has earned a position in my night stand. (See Alice review)

I almost forgot to talk about the “touch” feature. It is absolutely the most annoying and, most genius feature that I have ever seen on a toy. However, what may be great in idea, may not always be great in execution. You see, this feature does work when the toy touches your genitals or even you hand or your thigh for that matter. And works when the part of the toy meant for g-spot stimulation comes into contact with your skin or genitals.


But this feature has a high fail rate and what I call a “miss fire” defect. It may be just my toy, but it has a tendency to keep vibrating after it touches the genitals or your hands, feet, whatever. And will do so even after the product is no longer touching your skin. If it worked properly, it would be the best invention since sliced bread. But this is not good for someone who might get walked in on while masturbating. Luckily, a simple three quick presses of the “S” button, the touch feature can turned off. Thank you Svakom.

While I love this toy and the orgasms I get from it, I would not recommend it because of the touch feature. Even though you can turn it off. I feel like it’s an unnecessary feature to have on a sex toy. Even more unnecessary than that “S” mode. And it can be a little bit tricky using the buttons, but after a while, you’ll get used to them.I will say it’s a good beginner rabbit, if you wanted something that has nothing but quality, is really powerful, isn’t very big, and is rechargeable (and waterproof). And I probably said this before (or did I?), the warranty seems to be pretty good. Although, I cannot vouch for it personally.

*I did receive this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.