When I went to the Sex Expo in New York last year I saw a ton of sex toys, lube, and a bunch of interesting stuff. When I got to Kama Sutra’s booth, I was delighted to see beautiful bottles filled with different lubricants, massage oils, and lotions. I even got a sample of the edible massage oil and it was pretty tasty. What caught my eye however, was a lineup of sex toys laid out in the table. I thought they were just featuring sex toys from a different brand but to my surprise, it was their brand. Rhythm by Kama Sutra. I was confused. Delighted, because I love sex toys, but still confused. Kama Sutra is mostly known in the sex toy industry for making things like edible massage oils, lubricants, body washes, body dusting powders, and arousal gels. What they hell are they doing making sex toys?

First off, let’s talk about the name before we talk about the toys. All of the toys have the word “Rhythm” and then another word that differentiates each toy from one another in the line. Why did they find the need to bring word “Rhythm” into it if they were maintain the toys association to the Kama Sutra brand? And what does “Rhythm” have to do with the different Indian dances that each toy in the line is named after? Am I complaining? Yes. Yes I am. I like for things to make sense in my life and this adding of a name, which seems to be just for branding or vanity purposes just seems nonsensical to me. It sounds like their trying to create a new brand while keeping their association with their already established brand. I mean I get it, but I don’t get it. I’m just saying.

Design and Materials

The Chari is made of 100% body-safe silicone, is completely waterproof, rechargeable via usb, has two motors in the bunny ears, and comes with its very own storage pouch because y’all know how much I love storage pouches. It also comes in two colors: Frick Pink and Frack Purple. Because these two colors always seem to accompany one another in a sex toy line. Like Frick and Frack. I personally would love to see a shift in the sex toy industry when it comes to colors. Women don’t always like pink purple colored sex toys ya know.

The bunny ears on the Chari are long are longer than some bunny ears I have seen on toys with similar designs. They curve slightly in a way that I can best describe as the come hither motion. It’s pretty small but palm-sized and feels nice in the hand. The silicone feels good. Nice and smooth.

And while I don’t normally comment on packaging, I felt it was important to do so this time since the packaging left me pretty confused when I first got it. On the back of the box, there is a picture of the Chari being used as an internal vibe, while the other bunny ear rests on the clitoris. When I first saw it on the Indigo Honeys website, it was described as a double motor clit vibe. Not a double motor vibe that can be used as a clit vibe and an internal vibe.

Why does this slightly annoy me? Because this toy is too damn small to be used as both an internal toy and a clit toy. For one: A woman anatomical measurements would have to be pretty damn precise in order for this thing to be able to be inside the vagina and on the clitoris at the same time. And on top of that, it’s simply too small for internal stimulation. I could imagine someone walking into a store seeing this product and making the decision to take this bad boy home based off of what they saw on that picture. Terrible mistake. They should really consider changing that picture. I think they just wanted to make the toy appear more versatile that actually is. But if it’s designed to be a clit toy. Let it be a clit toy.

My Expectations

I didn’t really have any expectations for this toy in terms of performance because I already thought it was trash. There. I said it. I thought it was a little gimmicky and a bit tacky, naming a series of sex toys after cultural dances that have absolutely nothing to do with sexuality, or female sexual pleasure. As in the dances that each toy is named after have nothing to do with women embracing their sexuality. So that Rhythm thing again. Why? Then there’s the debate on whether or not some cultural appropriation was used to sell some sex toys on Kama Sutra’s part. I’ll give them a pass on that one only because I’m not writing a dissertation. Yet.

One thing I have to come appreciate about single button-operated sex toys, is their simplicity. Sure its sounds nice in theory to have all those cool buttons to press and you have your Dee Dee moment and be all like “Ooh, what does this button do?” But let’s be real. A sex toy that does too much of what the user doesn’t like, isn’t actually do anything at all.

In Use

Moving on to the actual using of the Chari, as I said before I didn’t set any expectations for this product. In fact, I didn’t bother to read any reviews about it. Not that there were a ton of reviews on it anyway. So when I turned it on, two things happened. The press of the ON button did not cause the toy buzz to life. Instead, I got a mini light show as both sides of the Chair began to light up. A beautiful transition of colors if you will. Would make a great sensual nightlight.

The second press however did indeed cause the Chari to buzz into life. I would best describe the vibrations as a 20% buzzy to 80% rumbly ratio. My clit however described it as a fuck yes. As a person with a “clit of steel”, I thought the Chari would have this annoying buzz that when it touched my clit, it would instantly make me want to turn it off and throw it against the wall in anger. But that wasn’t the Case. The vibrations on the Chari exceeded my expectations. Not to mention that was quite.

For me, the vibrations reached pretty deep. At times I would have to lighten the pressure I was applying to my clitoris on the second intensity. When it comes to pin-point stimulation, it the Chari did very well, despite those bunny ears being more rounded than pointy. The first pattern or intensity transitions me nicely into the second pattern, but it gets really strong from there. The third pattern was my favorite because it’s the most powerful intensity and the one that makes me cum. Although, there have been times when I didn’t make it past the second pattern before cumming.

Those long and slightly curved bunny ears are adjustable and decently flexible. You can set them in a position and they will pretty much stay put while maintaining consistent vibrations. Allow me to further elaborate on that: The power of the vibrations will not change in quality (get less powerful) when the bunny ears re-positioned. I do however worry about the silicone experiencing small tears near the bendy parts of the toy due to wear and tear, but I don’t anticipate that happening anytime soon. At least I hope not.

This vibrator comes with 7 patterns of vibration. 3 intensities and 4 patterns. I’m not a pattern girl. I don’t like to talk about patterns because let’s face it: I like consistently in my life. Patterns are great for edging (delaying an orgasm in order to have an even strong orgasm) or just to experience different sensations. But when getting to destination, patterns just don’t take me there. There decent and reasonable patterns, just not for me.

Charging and Maintenance

When it came to charging the Chari, it was pretty simple with one of those Usb chargers that you impale the toy on to in order to charge it. Cleaning the toy was very simple. I switch back forth from mild soap to sex toy cleaner. The best feature that liked when it came to the battery was its stand by time. The power is the same from the last time I turned it off. Though it was one of the toys I used quite often. I was promised 120 minutes of “Play time” and I feel as though I got that every time I used it. Even though, it never took me a whole hour to arrive at my destination when using it. *Wink wink*

Final Thoughts

I like the Chari. I come every time I use it. I didn’t set any expectations for it because I wanted to give it a fair chance while not setting myself up for disappointment. But I wasn’t disappointed. It’s small but packs a punch. Rechargeable and waterproof toys are always cool to me. I liked that the toy doesn’t start buzzing right away when I turned it on. Which means if you’re traveling with it, you may not have to necessarily worry about it randomly buzzing in your bag right away, as long as it’s only accidentally pressed once. At $99, I would call this an affordable luxury toy that can be used in multiple ways be it solo or with a partner as I find that it can be placed between two people comfortably in many positions. If you’re looking for a clit toy, I would say give this one a try.


If you would like to purchase the Rhythm Chari by Kama Sutra, click here (<–click here or the image below)

The Rhythm Chari by Kama Sutra was provided courtesy of Indigo Honey in Exchange for an honest review. I was compensated for my time in writing this review. This does not change or alter my opinion in any way, shape, or form. I would never recommend a product that I do not personally like. Honesty is always the best policy.