You know what’s better than a body safe sex toy, a clean body safe sex toy. When it comes to cleaning my toys, I usually look for easy ways to clean and sanitize my toys that don’t involve anything too invasive. And for the most part, it actually begins with the toy itself and not the actual toy cleaning process. You see, toys that are made with porous materials, are not only body unsafe, but are usually very hard to or practically impossible to clean. Which means even if you have the absolute best way to properly sanitize a toy, it will probably be pointless if it’s made with porous material. In my opinion at least.

I got the opportunity to try the Coco De Mer Toy Cleaner from Lovehoney. If you don’t know who Lovehoney is, they are an online company that sells Sexual Wellness products (aka sex toys), bondage gear, and lingerie. They ship their products worldwide, very discreetly, and have a 365 day, no questions asked return policy. So if you don’t like what you bought for any particular or no particular reason, you can return your purchase. No questions asked.

The Coco De Mer Toy Cleaner comes in a beautiful brown box that is sturdy and well-constructed. The packaging overall gives me a rustic Italian feel. I personally love the packaging and how discrete it looks. The brown glass bottle filled with toy cleaner, looks more like a perfume bottle that deserves a spot on my dresser draw.



The bottle has 100ml or 3.3oz of liquid. The ingredients are water, glycerin, decyl glucoside, monopropolene glycol, phenoxyethanol, and citric acid. I love the size of this bottle and that its TSA approved and travel friendly.

In use, the instructions are pretty straight forward. You spray the product onto the toy you want to clean, leave it on the toy for five seconds, and wipe with a lint free cloth. Pretty simple and straight forward. I followed the instructions as directed on many different toys and found no issues with cleaning and sanitizing my toys. This cleaner does not produce any suds, so it will be gentle on your toys and doesn’t leave a scent. I also found no irritation of any kind when using my toys after cleaning, being that that I don’t cover my toys with condoms when I use them.

One thing I didn’t care for were the sprayer on the bottle. It doesn’t properly dispense or spread the product all over the toy. More like shoots it in one place. Which is not only annoying, but can cause you to use more product than needed to clean your toy. So I really hope they look into changing the sprayer on the bottles so that they properly dispense the product onto the toy. To remedy this issue myself, I usually just spray the product onto a cloth and wipe my toy clean and that works well to. I do also find it to be a bit pricey for toy cleaner. But it is a high-end luxury product.

Overall, I think that the Coco De Mer Toy Cleaner is a very nice luxury toy cleaner that will properly sanitize your sex toys and is very easy to use with easy to use instructions. It doesn’t not produce any suds and is very gentle. I also like that you don’t have to use any additional water with this product. Just a cloth. I like that it is travel friendly and TSA approved being that it is has 100ml or 3.3oz of liquid. I love the packaging and the bottle and how discrete looking it is. I would recommend this to someone looking for a gentle cleanser for their toys, or like to travel.


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* I did receive this product for free in exchange from Lovehoney for an honest review. All opinions are my own. A big thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this product to review!