Today, I decided to write about something that should have been my first post on the Aquakink: My first vibrator. I want to share with you my experience with finding the toy that I thought was right for me, and my experience with The California Exotics Blue Dolphin vibrator. I invite you to enjoy what was a young, naïve Tiffy, who was new to the sex toy buying game and knew nothing about the buzzy .vs. rumbly or what the hell body safe sex toy materials were and why they are so important. And if you’re not knew to owning sex toys, I invite in the playground of nostalgia, from you had your first experience with buying a sex toy and using one. There really is levels to this shit when you think about it.

When I first started buying sex toys, I had no idea what I really wanted. I think I just wanted something that would vibrate and I could fuck myself with at the same time. My freshman year of college, I decided to take the plunge and purchase my first sex toy. Being a combination of too shy and not wanting a sales associate to sell me something too expensive or something I just didn’t want, and me buying out of intimidation, I did some research and decided to purchase from an online store that I considered to be trusted. Adam and Eve. This was before I found out about great retailers that have even better and unique options.

While conducting my research on choosing the perfect first time sex toy, I decided to apply one basic rule of thumb: Do NOT buy an expensive toy for the first time. I had a set price of 35 to 40 dollars and whatever the shipping was. I also wanted a sex toy that vibrates and something I can use for thrusting that wasn’t too big for me, but would be longer that my fingers. I knew I really liked clitoral stimulation, so something that vibrates was a must. Did I say that enough?


I picked Adam and Eve to buy my toy from, since I had always seen their commercials on late night TV, which advertised intimate items to “spice up your sex life” and how adamant they were about being discrete with shipping, which was exactly what I needed.

While searching on their website, I came across a gigantic assortment of sex toys. While I wasn’t intimidated by what I saw, it definitely made me almost skew from my original goal, which was to find a decent first time sex toy that met all my requirements.

It was then, that I came across the California Exotics Blue Dolphin vibrator. It was a decent length that I could handle at 6 inches and has a decent girth at 1 inch in diameter. It was cheap at $19.95, it vibrates, and even better, it was blue! My favorite color besides aqua or any mixture of blue and green. While I am the owner of a vagina as it pertains to talking about this toy, it’s perfectly fine for anal play as well. Two things that I didn’t consider however, was that it had to be used with batteries and wasn’t rechargeable, so I would have to look for batteries, and it was made out of a jelly material, that was supposed to be phthalate free. At the time, I managed to research everything except body safe materials. I was so transfixed with getting my first sex toy that I never stopped to think about what the toy was made out of. I was so young and naïve. So if you do get this toy, or have a toy made with a similar materials as this one, I suggest using a condom in all situations with jelly materials. Even if they are phthalate free.


I decided this was the right toy for me, and placed my order, which included the vibrator, a pack of batteries (since I didn’t feel like looking for any around my house), a tube of flavored lubricant, and a pair of edible underwear, for some odd, strange reason.

I watched the tracking on that package like a fucking hawk. I wanted to make sure that I was the only one who would be accepting the package from the FedEx person when it arrived. Luckily that day I got out of class early enough to be home when they came, and no one was home that day oddly enough. When said package arrived, I was a bit nervous accepting it from the FedEx person. It was a lady, holding a plastic envelope. For some reason I think she knew what it was, she was holding the vibrator part of the plastic envelope and gave me a look that said “There’s something naughty in here”.

After awkwardly accepting the package, I ran to my room to open it. It wasn’t anything special. The vibrator didn’t come in a box, but in vacuum sealed plastic wrap, along with the other items I ordered. I unwrapped it and it felt like it has a bit of an oily coating on it, and a somewhat weird smell. Which I thought was odd, but didn’t think much about it. I examined the part of the toy where you had to insert the batteries, which is also where you turn the toy on. I put the batteries in and turned it onto preview the vibrations. I really liked how strong they were, but I still thought the toy was a bit too big for me. After washing the toy, the smell went away and took on the smell of the body wash I used to clean it 5 times with. The oiliness also went away, so that was no longer a concern.

The only thing that looked odd to me were the balls, which didn’t look by any means anatomically correct. It looks like one big, squishy testicle. The color was absolutely gorgeous. A bright see-through blue, which was in no way related to dolphins or an aquatic theme to me what so ever. What really turned me on about the toy the realistic features, like the veins along the shaft, that wasn’t selfishly isolated to only one part of the toy. The squish of the jelly material had a realistic feel as well. And I enjoyed giving it a hand job while cleaning it. It felt quite nice in the hand.

Finally the day came. Well I came first. After masturbating, using my hands, I had a sudden craving for something inside me. I retrieved my toy from its secret hiding space, and proceeded to use it. Looking at it up close, as I was about to fuck myself with it, I feared it would be much too big for me.

That fear immediately left my head with the first thrust. It felt incredible! First it felt like it was going to hurt, but then it felt more like a pleasant stretching feeling. I was a bit hesitant to thrust the toy as fast and furious as I wanted to, but I was so horny that I didn’t care. Which is exactly how a good masturbation session is supposed to feel. Wonderful and care free!

I tried to use it with the vibrations while thrusting, but found it be a complete distraction and a huge nuisance to me. It was as if a beehive was shaking in my vagina. I did however, enjoy the vibrations on my clit, but they weren’t as powerful as I thought and didn’t make me cum. In order for the vibrations to get me off, I would have to be on the cusp of an orgasm. It would them no only make me cum, but intensify my orgasm as well. I loved the feeling of fullness that the toy gave me and started to use it more as a dildo than a vibrator. I really did think and still do think this was my perfect first time toy.

At the time, I didn’t really pay too much attention to the idea of g-spot stimulation and was more fascinated with finally getting my first vibrator and using it, that I didn’t care. I really liked stimulating my g-spot when I was really aroused because it felt really good, but looking back on it now, all the times I tried to use my two middle fingers to reach as far back as I possible could in my vagina to do the come hither motion on myself, I was happy that I didn’t make it my point of focus. I think putting a certain amount of pressure on yourself (or others) to cum to a certain way isn’t healthy or realistic. Working with my fingers first, humbled me to understand that everyone is different, and experiences pleasure differently. I say that because as human beings, we are our biggest critics. And we can sometimes set the bar too high in a place where there shouldn’t be a set of standards to begin with.

It wasn’t until a while later, that I learned about body safe materials and why they were so important to the person buying and using the toy. I was shocked that companies can use pretty much whatever they want to make their toys out of. While I know you can’t really 100% trust how your food is made, especially in the Unites States, I figured since this was a sex toy, that companies are somehow bounded by a set of regulations and standards which obligate them to only produce products meant to truly bring about sexual wellness. I later on found out that there are only a few companies that take that obligation seriously. And it is up to us as consumers of these products to make sure that companies and manufacturers produce and sell what we want to see in the market.

With all of that being said, I think the California Exotics Blue Dolphin Vibrator is a great first time users who are new to the wonderful world of sex toys. While I don’t like that it requires batteries, its cheap, easy to use, decent to clean (even though it’s made with jelly), and the vibrations are decent. It’s great for short term experimenting with vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, anal play, and practicing hand and blow job techniques. The toy itself lasts a long time, but should be used with a condom. Especially if it being used from partner to partner (bad idea!), or being used between different orifices (vagina, anus). With that being said, if you are new to sex toys, I think this one is a great way to start of your sex toy collection.

This product was purchased with my own money and not sent to me for review. All opinions on this product or any other matter in this post are my own.