Let me start off my saying that bullet vibrators do not by any means excite me unless it can do two of these things at once: be very powerful and be rechargeable. Anything else extra would be considered a plus. And anything less, would be a disappointment.

Let’s talk about the Svakom Echo. It arrived in an Amazon prime box (I got it form Amazon), and it is prime eligible. The toy itself as always came wrapped in a packaging envelope, so it was very discrete.

Some product information about this toy, is that it is splash proof (a bit of a disappointment), rechargeable, and made with ABS plastic. The part of the toy that is meant for clitoral stimulation feels like it has some silicone on it, which as I mentioned in my unboxing video, is great for staying on the clitoris and helping to maintain that direct pin point stimulation. It could be completely made of ABS plastic, but it feels like silicone, I digress.

The part of the toy meant to touch the body, has a bit of a drag to it as if it were covered in a light coating of silicone. I love that kind of matte silicone that has a slight drag to it, just because it will stay wherever you place it and usually doesn’t move around or out of place even with natural lubrication from your body. While the product information doesn’t state that there is silicone on this toy, I still think it is a nice feature to have.

My personal issue with this toy is where I fine a small design flaw, but you can call it personal preference, because a sex toy working for you is more so about what the toy can personally do for the user and not for the general public. And without that, there would be no such thing as variety in the world right?

For me I personally prefer the regular straight, traditional bullet style vibrator. Only because I can hold my legs shut with it, and have what I call a “hands free orgasm”. With this, I have to hold on the spot, which means I have to work just a little harder. Not that much harder though. I will say that this toy is perfectly shaped for the clitoris and holding in the hand altogether.


The vibrations are pretty nice. Buzzy, but can reach a bit deep, depending on how powerful you like your vibrator to be. Not the most powerful in my opinion, but can definitely get you there or help you finish. Like if the other vibrator you’re using dies, this can definitely LeBron the team. You can use this for added stimulation with thrusting. And this can also be good for solo play and partner play since you can comfortably hold it in between you and your partner.

As for the “S” feature, I don’t use it on any Svakom toy I talk about and it’s for my own personal reason. One that I will share with you. You see, the “S” feature is meant to be a vibration sequence that starts out slowly with light, and what is supposed to be “teasing” vibrations, then builds up into intense vibrations. I believe this masturbation method is called “Edging”. Where you start out slow, then you increase, then you stop or you decrease the sensation (which ever one you choose), and keep doing so until you decide when you finally want to orgasm.

echo control.png

I am more than familiar with this method because I use if myself when I crave a really intense orgasm. And it’s delicious when done right. However, this “S” mode is just not for me, I like something that I don’t have to wait on.

Besides that one feature I didn’t care for and the shape, I would recommend this toy to someone who likes clitoral stimulation, likes quality, and likes toys that are rechargeable. I also think this toy is great for beginners.


*I did receive a discount in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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    you could try laying on your side with your leg straddled over a big fluffy pillow to keep this nestled in place. Just a thought