Have you ever had such high expectations for something and while it was pretty good, it just wasn’t what you were expecting because you heard so many people raving and saying so many good things about it? That’s what happened to me. I’m not necessarily disappointed, but maybe I set my expectations too high.

You see, the funny thing about sex toys is that the experience is the pure definition of personal. An experience with a sex toy has so many different variables and it’s the users own interpretation of the toy that is so unique, that while a large group of people might really like a toy, they all may like it for different reasons, dislike it for the same reason someone likes it, like it because of a reason someone else likes it, and so on.

Take me for example. When it comes to vibrators, I like them strong. I have a clit of steel, and I demand to blown away. A good vibrator for me is one that will have me in a mad rush to pull it away from my body, to then marvel at it in amazement. A good or decent vibrator is one that may or may not give me an orgasm, but has allot of potential in terms of usability, quality, design, and of course, body safe materials. If its a cheap toy however (first time sex toy buyers guide coming soon) then it might get a pass.

This was a toy that I always wanted to get close to. It’s like the popular person in the room, who you kind of nervous to talk to and when you finally do, you just have this “Oh” reaction with the slight tilt of the head and a half confused look on your face. Their still awesome in its own way. Just a bit perplexing. But the experience was pleasant.

The culprit of my confusion is the Vibratex Mystic Wand. The Mystic Rechargeable Wand Vibrator to be exact. The Mystic Rechargeable Wand Vibrator is the new and improved version of the Original Mystic Wand. The one that requires batteries. This one is made with ABS plastic and Silicone, and is 10 inches long. The part that will be in contact with your genitals is about 2 inches long and has a nice, flexible, textured head, great for additional stimulation. The best part: No Batteries! As it is rechargeable via USB and it even comes with its own charging block or as I refer to it: “That thing you plug into the wall”.

The design of the toy is what I like the most. While I can’t properly articulate how I would describe the design, I can say that this version of the Mystic Wand was made to be easier to hold, by the way it is angled. The best way I can describe the angle is a slight “C” curve, where pin point stimulation is made allot easier. The C” curve works great. I can definitely agree that the shape is “ergonomically-designed”.

Specifically with those who have issues with holding a vibrator because it may be too heavy. This one is one is ridiculously light. And because there are three different buttons for controlling the patters and intensities (3 levels of intensity and 3 patterns) controlling the device is easy no matter how you hold it.

I loved how light it was and did enjoy the many different ways I could hold it while also having control of the patterns and intensities at the same time. I will say however, that depending on how you hold it you can accidentally hit one of the three buttons meant for scrolling through the patterns and intensities, but that’s not something I think will happen very often, being that the buttons are put in such a way that when you hold the Mystic Wand (whichever way you hold it), the buttons are not too inconveniently placed where you might unintentionally press one of them by mistake. You also won’t accidentally turn the Mystic Wand off, since there is only on ON/OFF button.

To better explain what I mean, some wand vibes are just vibes in general have their power and intensity/scroll buttons placed where the user will mostly likely be holding the toy. This can cause the user to accidentally turn the toy off, turn the intensities up and down when they don’t mean to, or scroll through patterns, when that was not the user’s intent. With this wand, I don’t think that will be an issue. I also like that the intensity/pattern scroll buttons are not synonymous with the power button. They are two separate buttons. And no hold and press for 2 seconds to turn the Mystic Wand on or off. A simple press once to turn off and press once to turn on is all you need. A feature I absolutely adore. And the buttons are not hard to press either. Great for people whose hands get weak after having an orgasm or for anyone with any condition that would make hard for them to press down hard on buttons. Speaking of hands, most of the vibrations are concentrated in the head of the wand, so no numb hands!

There were two things I didn’t care for. The silicone on this toy was great. Nice and soft, all that good stuff. But it had seams. Allot of them. I also didn’t like that the wand head is not removable. Technically it is, but upon further investigation (ie. Me trying to take the wand head off, only to find that there is adhesive that keeps the wand head on the Mystic Wand), I considered otherwise. I’m assuming if the toy was waterproof, the adhesive wouldn’t be there.

Another issue I found was the peeling silicone on the main part of the wand that hosts the power and one of the intensity/pattern buttons. I don’t know why it’s doing that, I’m very sure I am not the only one having this issue, but for a luxury vibe (a toy costing more than 50 bucks) I would expect better quality out the box. Something else I don’t care for is that this toy is only water-resistant and not water-proof. So you cannot submerse it in a body (or tub) of water. And there was no storage bag. I feel like when a toy cost a certain amount of money, it should come with a storage pouch, in my opinion of course.

The toy in use was a bit disappointing in terms of power for me. I always kept hearing that the Mystic Wands was one of the most powerful toys that required batteries. So when I got the Mystic Wand I was expecting a similar experience but more enhanced. With that being said, this is the only version of the Mystic Wand that I have tried.

It does have some nice rumble to it but, I would have to be really turned on to use it. And when I put it against my clit, she’s not very impressed. She’s delighted because she loves the vibrations. But she needs more. If I’m watching porn however, and I’m already turned on, then yes. I can get off with it. But if I’m trying to get there, then no. Getting off with it may be a bit difficult. I also don’t like that I only get 3 levels on intensity that have just steady vibration. Why can’t you give me 4 Vibratex?

For me, the Mystic Wand is an ergonomically –designed, easy to use, easy to hold, very light, and reasonably powerful toy. While it didn’t do much for me in the power department, it made up for that in its design as it’s very unique and something I would like to see more of as its very inclusive for those with disabilities or conditions that make it hard to hold a vibrator or even use one.

I love that it’s rechargeable and comes with its own charging block. But, I could have lived without the charging block and would have preferred some type of storage box or pouch to put it in. I didn’t care for the silicone piece peeling off of my wand, but that doesn’t take away from the quality of this toy. In fact, it has earned my “toys that are great for travel” stamp of approval. I think this toy is great and is a definite upgrade from its predecessors.

While I don’t know if I would recommend this toy to someone who already has an older version of the Mystic Wand, I would definitely call this a huge upgrade in terms of design. That’s its strongest point. Vibratex has brought something new to the table with the Mystic Rechargeable Wand Vibrator.

If you are interested in purchasing the Mystic Wand Rechargeable, you can get one here: Buy the Mystic Wand Rechargeable


*I did receive this product for free courtesy of Good Vibrations in exchange for my honest review. All opinions on this product are my own.